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~*~ Mages ~*~


All ye who seek the path of enlightenment regarding the mystical and magical arts...*s* The Princess Nightflames hath many friends amongst the Mage guilds, and this is one place where thou mayst chance upon them wandering about. In fact *s* I guarantee it. Another place to meet them is their guild / chantry forMages of the Onyx Flame. Feel free to wander a- bout, and visit them at their other retreat as well. Now seekers, proceed... and find what truths may lie in wait for ye.

(( Be not alarmed, those of ye that may see a tiny Gecko skitter across the floor or along the wall here... its probably just Merlin our resident lizard *s*))

As thou doth explore the room thou findeth many works pertaining to various great masters of magic *s* ones such is... ~ RAISTLIN ~

who as he passes looks up and extends the invitation that thou should seek him out at some point in time and visit Raistlins Tower.

As thou doth walk around a shelf of books into other recesses of the room thou cometh across another mage bent over tomes of their craft. As he raises his head a moment to peer at thee, thou cometh to understand that even greater wisdom can be sought at Fistandantilus' Tower

The local mages go back about their business leaving thee to wander about as thou so will, to explore other areas of interest, such as this Art Gallery where thou cans't find many fine picture of mages and their ilk... or to use the magic portal to return to the main hall.

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