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~*~ The Nursery ~*~

As thou entereth the large inner chamber of the nursery, thou doth stop just within the doorway to feast thine eyes on the beauty of the surroundings. As thy eyes sweep the room they take in the two young draglings scampering about the far end of the room, busy at play and the joy of life. Pausing a moment in thine survey of the room thou doth suddenly become aware of being uder the closest scrutiny from a small and unusual kitten curled up on a cushion nearby, just to the right of the door.

It's unusualness is due to no less than the look of extreme intelligence in it's tawny eyes, and the two delicate wings issuing from it's shoulder blades. As thou doth marvel at this wonder, the kitten gets to it's feet, stretching leisurely, but keeping it's gaze ever upon thee. Slowly in slinks off the cushoin with a grace uncanny in one of it's supposed age, and pads it's way over to stand before thee, sniffing the air at thy scent. With no further warning, and directly before thine amazed eyes, the kitten shifts suddenly and thou doth find thyself faced off with a fearsome 6ft. winged Panther. This Panther proceeds to circle thee slowly, it's eyes taking in every detail as if assessing thy threat capabilities, finally coming to a stop before thee. To thy further shock, suddenly it speaks, demanding "What is thy business here?" Thou doth swallow hard, mind racing, trying to think of a safe answer when he further snorts in distaste and says" Oh.. I seeth fair well... another visitor to gawk at mine wards" He looks thee over once more in seeming distaste before continuing. "Very well. Thou may'st see the younglings, but make no move to harm them or thou shall never leave this room with thine life." With that and a pause, this incredible Panther issues a low sound that carries to the ears of the playing hatchlings, who stop their game immediately looking in his direction. As they then begin to lumber over to thee thou doth recall something from thine initial greeting and accurately assess that this must be the "SHADOW" refered to, and thou doth take strong heed of the rest of the statement..."As long as thou meaneth no harm to me or to mine..."

The younglings come to stand a few feet off from thee, and thou doth take fair note of the fact that despite the fact they are of the same age, there is a definate difference in their size. True to wonderment of their kind these beautiful Pern draglings are works of power and strength yet to come.

AISHA is an impressive little golden dragoness of but 7 ft. body length, with the additional 6 ft. tail. Obviously an youngling with great potential for power and beauty as she developes. Her eyes are gentle but inteligent as she observes thee with a quizzical expression; ever the child, and wondering what goody thou mayst conceal upon thineself and should she sniff it out.

LYZRE on the other hand is but 2 ft. in body length and an additional 2 ft. for her tail and seems almost dwarfed next to her larger sibling, but something about the challenging look in her brilliant eyes tells thee that she is no easy prey, despite her minute appearence. She observes thee quietly, and thou art unsure whether she is assessing thee as an opponant.... or what this young dragoness will do.

After a short while longer of observing thee, and thou them... the two young dragons determine thou be no real threat, and bear no extra goodies... younglings that they are, their attention wanders back to the game they'd abandoned... and they scamper off to the far end of the room once more, chasing each other and rolling about in mock battle, merrily. Thou art then left but under the watchful eye of Shadow Hunter21 and with nothing better to do than meander about other parts of the nursery, thou doth leave...

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~*~ Doorway Out ~*~

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