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friends, and friends yet to be...

~ I hath recently been blessed with being permitted to take into mine care two darling hatchling dragons of mine realm. They were hatched on October the 4th from the clutch of Eyze and Aura Mist, in the faire realm of Dragondale. Eyze is the Commander of mine flight of Dragons ... the Dragons of the Onyx Flame, and his beloved mate Aura Mist serves in this as well. They were most gracious in inviting me to the Hatching and name ceremony on the eve forementioned, and in allowing me to adopt as to mine own two of their offspring... AISHA the young Gold Dragon (female), and her darling sister LYZRE, a hatchling Green Dragon. Please be at ease here, and feel free to explore... but first... be sure and drop in to meet the young ones. *smiles* Oh, yes, *smiles secretly* don't mind Shadow... he's really quite friendly as long as you mean no harm to me or mine. ~


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