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As thou doth wander further about the grounds, in a mist enshrouded area of the garden thou cometh upon yet more interesting creatures of magic and intelligence... some circling over head on delicate but powerful wings, and others milling about the glades and thickets...

They raise their heads watching as thou passeth by... curious and very innocent in their special way, but intelligent beyond belief. Creatures of such majestic beauty as to boggle the mind of the mere human.

These wondrous animals of myth and legend are the Unicorn. Mysterious and unequaled in beauty these marvels have come to call parts of the castle grounds a safe haven and home. They are under the full protection of the Princess Nightflames and the guards of her Order of the Onyx Flame...therefore they tend to walk freely and without fear hereabouts, so it is without much regard that they observe thee.

Although females of their species are not totally unheard of...these were originally magically created creatures, and for the most part the ones thou doth hear of or see about are male. This would also take into account the part of legends wherefore explaining the irresistable draw they feel for the true and pure innocence of heart of the virgin maidens as told. If thou art one of those rare and unusual individuals just mentioned, they may even approach thee as thou doth walk down the way seeking to be petted and for some reason finding comfort in thine company... otherwise... they pay thee no great heed at all.

As thou doth near the end of their realm, thou be left with but the choice to retrace thine steps or move off through a most unusual gate thou doth see a ways off... a gate that leads to the more fearsome though none less intelligent creatures that roam here... the Dragongate.... above which is a curious sign inscribed "Let none enter here but that they hold peace of heart and goodwill to dragonkind"

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